start em up incorporated
is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to provide educational opportunities and resources to all pacific islanders in need, which will ensure the continued maintenance
of the eight UN millennium goals.

Main Focus Is Education
● Education Through Resources
     1) To provide computers
, technology , textbooks , etc
to the schools and educational institutions in need throughout the pacific islands.
    2) To create centrally located educational resource libraries, that have complete lesson kits for all senior grade levels 9-12, e.g. microscopy, titrations, electro-magnetism, etc.
    3) Plus provide the education to manage these resources.

● Education Through A Scholarship Fund
Raise funds to offer pacific islanders overseas educational opportunities.

Like to Help?
If you would like to help me with any donation, such as items to send, computers, books, etc or money towards scholarships or even to help me cover shipping costs, etc. Then either click Donate Computers or
Donate Funds, thanks.

The eight UN millennium goals are:

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